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damned; kyo/ruki.

Well so I just found this drabble on my computer, and realised I never posted it. I think I originally wrote it for Andrea based on some AU muses we had in a comm ages ago. I decided to post it because it's not too bad.

dir en grey, the gazette; kyo/ruki. au. pg-13; vampires! 8B

Almost impossibly pale arms wrapped around his neck and he cold feel the cold radiating from the other's skin despite the warmth in the room. He was used to it, though. It was only after the other had just eaten that he was as warm as a human.

A finger gently traced along the tattoo on Kyo's neck, reading the word out loud, "Damned." A little chuckle and Kyo felt the other's lips against his ear, murming, "You're not truly damned until you become one of us."

Kyo smirked slightly as he finally turned to look at the vampire. In the barely uplit room he looked almost human, but he could still tell that there was something out of place with him, just what had made him notice Ruki in the first place.

"Then you know what to do," he murmured back, cupping Ruki's chin as he placed a quick kiss to those cold lips.

Ruki smiled calmly, fingers tracing the tattoo again as he marvelled in the irony of the word as his mouth opened and those sharp teeth of his became visible. The ink on Kyo's neck was about to become very true.
Tags: band: dir en grey, band: the gazette, pairing: kyo/ruki, rating: pg-13, type: drabble

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