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names; uruha/kazuki

Request-fic for sadisticplay. ♥ Sorry if this sucks; I don't write these two very much. In fact, I've never written Kazuki before. XD;;;;

characterisations based on heiseibanka & fuckboytoy.

the gazette, screw - uruha/kazuki. pg; some mentions of sex.

They never cuddled after sex; hell, if Uruha had all the say, they wouldn't even talk after it. He just wanted to shower and then sleep, or shower and then leave - depending on what time of the day it was. Unfortunately Kazuki didn't feel the same.

"And you should have seen Byou! I've never seen a guy blush as profusely as he did then, it was hilarious..."

It was in moments like these Uruha wished he had never given up smoking, and he constantly asked himself - Why do I even bother with this kid? He always came to the same conclusion; The sex.

"You know, kid," Uruha interrupted. "You could put that big mouth of yours to much better use than making my ears bleed." He'd made it his thing to never call Kazuki by his name, and only use slightly demeaning nicknames for the dark-haired guitarist.

Kazuki's head immediately snapped to the side at those words and he looked at Uruha, almost seeming hurt for a few seconds before he was babbling away again. "Uruhasan, that's not very nice! I like talking!" A pout was firmly in place on his lips after he uttered those words; a pout that Uruha had always found it hard to resist - no matter how much he denied it to Kazuki and to himself.

"Yeah, whatever, Kazuki," he muttered and rolled over in bed so that he wouldn't have to see that damned cute expression on the other's face. "Can't you talk a little more quietly at least?"

But, to Uruha's big surprise, not a word came from Kazuki. He waited almost a minute and he didn't hear a sound. He raised his eyebrows. Had he finally gotten Kazuki to shut up?

Then, he felt a pair of slender arms wrap around his waist and he briefly froze up, frowning and turning to the other, and shoving him away. "Now what are you doing!"

"You called me by my name!" A grinning and happy-sounding Kazuki exclaimed, and Uruha's frown deepened.

"I didn't..." Then he remembered. Oh shit. I did.

"You did! One point for me, zero for you! Hah!"

Oh my god. Uruha groaned and put his pillow over his ears. He was determined to get those scores even again.
Tags: band: screw, band: the gazette, genre: slash, pairing: uruha/kazuki, rating: pg, type: drabble


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