heads upppp. i'm thinking of perhaps stop posting in this journal because well, i don't see the point lmao. i have another journal where i was only posting original fiction in, but lately fanfiction is posted there as well so watch istid instead! ♥ i have not decided whether i'm gonna stop using this journal or not so... feel free to watch both lmao.

love you all♥

blow my mind; wataru/ruki.

this probably makes zero sense unless you're familiar with outlash & madredparty. ;x cameo by screamfiesta here oh my. for projection because she knows all too well what i'm on about. ♥

12012, the gazette - wataru/ruki. r; drugs (are bad kids, don't do them), some sexual references, mucho angst.

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i love you; wataru/ruki.

for projection because she's amazing. characterizations based on madredparty & outlash. lots of run-on sentences and abuse of commas, woops.

& i just realised this is actully pretty fluffy. wtf lmao.

12012, the gazette - wataru/ruki. pg-15; sexual references, brief mentions of drug use.

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Okay, I was inspired by something I saw in someone else's writing LJ where they told people to spam them with drabble prompts. I'd like you guys to do that :D Spam with prompts, pictures, song lyrics, random sentences, whatever. You don't even have to say any pairings or fandom, but you can if you like.

Fandoms I am familiar enough with to write:

jrock; the gazette, dir en grey, calmando qual, sadie, d'espairsray, screw
jpop; morning musume, berryz koubou, gam, w, koda kumi, kat-tun
kpop; super junior

You can spam as much as you want. Remember, the more you comment the higher the chance is that I'll respond and write something. ;D

Swedish journal.

I now have a writing journal for my occasional writings in swedish, my native language. I don't think anyone who has got this journal friended knows swedish, but what the hell. discofnask is the place to go if you're interested.

damned; kyo/ruki.

Well so I just found this drabble on my computer, and realised I never posted it. I think I originally wrote it for Andrea based on some AU muses we had in a comm ages ago. I decided to post it because it's not too bad.

dir en grey, the gazette; kyo/ruki. au. pg-13; vampires! 8B

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